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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TS redos and how to get stain off of your hands tip

Here are some of my redos from the thrift store. I like the gathering. For the past 8 years, it was just the red cabinet (with the door closed not open either). How boring! Now it is dressed up a bit and more eye appealing. I love the thrift stores and with the weather getting better (besides tons of rain and mud), I can't wait for garage sales. Yee-haw!! That is my passion in life! Have a great day, Kim

BTY: I have a tip to share with those of you who forget to put gloves before staining. I am so busy with work, soccer, training for the half marathon, church music ministry, yada yada yada. Anyway, the past 3 times, yes 3, I have used the sponge brush to put on the stain and then of course I take a rag and begin to wipe it off. Everytime I forgot to put on gloves to protect my hands. Well, I have found the best thing to take off the unwanted stain is Goo Gone (from the dollar store). A little goo gone and some dish soap and it is all gone. Thank goodness or my hands would have been stained dark walnut on Easter Sunday LOL!


  1. Everything looks great and thank you for the tip. I needed that tip because I too just like you ALWAYS forget to wear gloves. Oops!!

  2. I always am in such a hurry that I always forget the gloves too!...thanks for the tip...I just always use dawn dish detergent...that works too!

    Love the new 'open' door on the cupboard...most of my cupboards have have left open too.

  3. This is a really cute display.. I'll have to start looking closer at the thrift stores.. I mostly go for the glass ware..but now I'm gonna look at the wood isle too.Hugs Rene

  4. I've been using that too and it really does work great. Great tip to share.
    Have a great evening.