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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

another great class from Char :)

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I have been so sick with a sinus infection, but on my way to recovery. Well, this past Saturday Char did another wonderful craft class with us gals at church. We are so blessed to have her. She is so talented and gifted in many areas of crafting. So, on Saturday we did a paper mache box class. Some of the gals covered their boxes with fabric, some decopauged and others painted and stenciled. I had a lot of fun! I love get togethers and hanging out with friends. So I did this triple box set. The stencil set is from the Homestead Stencil Company that Char has posted on her site. Their quality is fantastic and so are the prices! I came home from work early today because I still wasn't feeling well. But, that didn't stop me from starting another set of boxes. This set I did the large round covered in homespun and the upper round a painted. As soon as I get stain to finish them, I will post pics. Have a great evening! Kim


  1. love them boxes!!!...Not sure if you were there for the fabric colored remember, when you stain your fabric boxes...don't put stain directly on your fabric...put it on a rag...then wipe it on your fabric...can't wait to see the finished projects

  2. I wanna take a class!!! I love those boxes.. Make sure you post a pic of the fabric ones.
    I'm working on the porch swap for you.. I hope you like it!! I should say "it" loosely as there is more than 1 "it"! LOL I love to surprise people!! Hey no getting sick!!
    Hugs from Rene your swap buddy!

  3. Love how your stack boxes came out!!

  4. Those look GREAT!! I love the stencils... I need to check those out! Thanks for sharing.

  5. You've done a great job so far. Isn't Char the best!! She explains things so well. She might make a crafter out of me yet.

  6. I'd love to take a class with Char! Your boxes look really good. I need to look for those stencils, too.
    Have a great evening.