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Friday, March 19, 2010

my living room redo


I finally got a new look in my living room. I had a gigantic entertainment center that I had lvoed and adored when we purchased it. It was oak. We bought it at a church that gets rejects from the Levin Furniture Dept. Store. We knew we couldn't afford the $1700.00 price, but the church had it for $200.00. The bridge needed stained and a piece of one of the towers needed reglued, but to save that much money was worth any work. It was huge. It covered the entire wall.Well, as the years went on I got tired of the center, but didn't want to buy something simply because of boredom.

Well, our big tv finally died and most of the newer models need to sit on a stand, so hallelujah I could finally justify getting something new.

Go to my older post to see the other entertainment center.

Here is my new stand, tv and yes, I do have a wall (hee hee). I actually had to get out the paint and paint where the center covered the walls. Oh what fun! Don't mind the glare on the tv.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Penny rug runner

Hi guys,

Well it has been a few months since I posted that huge pile of wool clothing that I got from Salvation Army. What a pain to wash, dry and rip it apart, but it is nice to have all that wool at my fingertips.

So I made the sheep mat that hangs on the little rocking chair (it was in an earlier post). I made a candle mat for my trashy swap partner (Sew Many Girls blog). Now I took on a larger job. I saw a runner similar to this one on Taylor's Farmhouse blog. I really liked it, so I tried to make something like it, but not an exact copy. I used colors that can be changed from room to room. It is a pretty good size and that bottom layer of brown wool is very thick. It was a large coat. I am pleased with the end result. Let me know what you think. Thanks and have a good day, Kim

Monday, March 15, 2010

My wonderful Trashy Swap Goodies

Hi Folks,
I know, I know it has been forever. I have been so busy with work, kids, training for the marathon, blah blah blah....

Well, on to the goodies. My "trashy swap" partner was Allison from Sew Many Girls blog. She is incredibly talented and I was thrilled with my package.

My favorite item is this rag-quilted table runner. It is great colors for any of my rooms and it fits my coffee table perfectly. Don't you love the prim stars???

She made this adorable Annie doll.

She made this Spring wool framed sign. It looks great on my hutch and I love this thin wooden shelf. She even sent all of the little prim fixins for it.

If you haven't yet done a swap through Char at The Pickled Pepper Patch, you don't know what you are missing. I highly encourage you to join in the next one she sponsors. It is fun and rewarding!! Thanks again Allison. I love everything!!
Have a great day, Kim

Friday, February 12, 2010

Look at what I won!! Fantastic!!

I am sooo excited because I won a wonderful giveaway from Sherri at Here Goes my Life blog. I won 2 Country Sampler magazines. They came on Monday. She had them wrapped so adorable too. As you know, here in PA we have received a whopping 32 inches of snow. Let me tell you I could have cried when I walked out to the mailbox and saw them. What a treat at such a lousy time of the year! We have been out of school all week due to the snow, so the magazines have greatly helped with the extreme boredom. Thank you so much Sherri!!
The one issue features Karen (My Colonial Home). Wow! What a gorgeous place!
Have a great day girlies, Kim

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wool, wool and more wool

Hi everyone,
My mom, my aunt and my grandmother try to go to Salvation Army every Wednesday. It is half price day. So, last Tuesday night I called my mom and told her she was going on a mission for wool for me. I told her to look for blazers, skirts and coats made from 100% wool. I told her the colors I would like to have too. This is the stack of goodies she found for me. Would you believe I got all of this for $11.00? Since I have not been teaching all week due to the 32 inches of snow that we received and half of the district still doesn't have power, I washed, dried and tore apart everything. Some of this is really nice and thick.

I thought I would show the first wool rug that I made. I got the sheep pattern from Primitive Blessings, Twigs and Sprigs free stitching patterns. I ironed freezer paper onto my wool and traced the patterns on them. I cut them out and blanket stitched them on. I have it resting on the little rocking chair that I just painted (see my previous post). I really like it! I am getting the penny rug bug for sure. I am almost done with another one. I will post it when I finish. Have a great day and stay warm, Kim

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my rocking chair redo

Hi folks,
Home from school again. Haven't had any school this week yet and got the call off for tomorrow too. I haven't seen this much snow since 1993. We were cleaned up and then last night we got about 8 more inches. That brings my total to about 32 inches since Friday night. This is absurd!!!

Well now that I have been home all week, I have been busy. Our big screen tv died a few weeks ago. We sold it and the giant entertainment center on Craiglist. Now I have have a smaller tv stand and that gives me more floor and wall space. I have had this little rocking chair since I was 2 years old. I painted, sanded and stained it the other day. I have it next to the new tv stand. It looks cute there.

Hope everyone is snug and warm and has power. Can't wait until Spring!! Love, Kim

Sunday, February 7, 2010

a few hearts and tons of snow

I can't believe how much snow we got here in PA. When I woke up yesterday morning I couldn't believe the sight. We got about 22 inches. I went downstairs and looked out of my dining room window and could not believe what had happened. One of our flowering pear trees split apart and landed right on our pool deck. I ran upstairs woke up my hubby and quickly started checking out our other windows (nervously). There was another pear tree that split and broke off in 2 places- unbelievable. My hubby, my dad and my brother in law cleaned the tree off of the deck with a chainsaw. We were truly blessed because the tree stopped before hitting the pool. The railing held it and there was no damage (even the glass table it fell on didn't break). WOW! Thank you Lord.

The day seemed so long. I got a lot of cleaning and crafting done. I read some stories to my younger son and made some soup. My older son was outside from 9am until 6pm (he was exhausted, but had a wonderful time in the snow). I got most of my Trashy Swap stuff made and a few things for myself too. I made these salt dough hearts. I only painted them so far. I am still going to sand and I think even put some stain on them. I also sewed a few of these heart bowl fillers for my table bench in the dining room. That's all I have been doing lately. Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. Can't wait until Spring!! Love, Kim