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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

wooden box wall hanging

Hi guys,
Good day to ya! Over break I decided to make the wooden box hanging that Char had the tutorial on a few Wednesdays ago. I have a few old, cookie cutters hanging from the peg nails. I placed a winter prairie doll, some pine and berries into the box. It was very easy to make. I had to make it smaller than the plans called for, but I wanted to use wood that I had laying around.

I also changed around my bowl rack. I put all of the bowls on the top shelf and added my sheep from Char on the bottom shelf.

I got the candle board at an inside garage sale last week for 50 cents. I haven't decided if I will paint it or not. It sits nicely on my stovetop board.

Have a great day and talk later, Kim

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My first 2 penny candle mats

Hello all,
What a crazy "weather" week! Our schools were cancelled on Monday and Friday. That gave me 2 extra days to play. I decided to make a plain circle mat with 3 stack pennies and I made a heart mat for Valentine's Day. I am pretty proud of the results. Of course the stitching could be neater and more organized, but for my first attempt, I am happy. I went to so many different tutorials on the web and got great tips. I put the round mat on my table bench and the Valentine mat is on my short kitchen counter. I have heart salt dough ornies in the oven right now. I am going to paint them and put them in the bowl, on the mat. I usually don't do much decorating for Valentine's Day. If you have any cool, prim suggestions for easy to make stuff, please leave me a comment. Thanks a bunch and try to stay warm!!!! Lya, Kim

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Can you tell what I am attempting to make????

Hey people- how's it going?
Well, I have loved the penny rug for a long time now and over the break I did a lot of Youtube and blog research on how to make one. This is my absolute first attempt, so be nice.

I bought 2 wool blazers and a wool skirt from Sal Army. I washed them in hot water and dried them. I ironed them (with a towel on top to prevent the shine.) I ironed on freezer paper and traced my 3 different circles. My smallest is 1 inch then 2 inches then 2 1/2 inches. I got a lot better at sewing them with practice. I am hoping to be done by the weekend. If so, I will post the finished product.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hi, I am Kim and I'm a Goodwill-aholic!!! :)

Okay, I surrender!! I am addicted to Goodwill stores. I stop every chance I can get to check out the "junk" racks. There are awesome treasures out there and I have reaped a "bounty". I was not even 5 minutes from one that is 15 minutes from home. I kept going back and forth in my mind- stop or not, stop or not. I figured I would stop and look for just 10 minutes because I left the boys at home while I went to Walmart to get the oil changed in the car.

Okay, so I am in the store and quickly doing my left to right scan of every piece of junk in there and then I saw it. It was on top of a shelf at the end of an aisle. I was hoping to find a wooden bowl, but this takes the cake. Do you believe the size of this beauty? It is such a beautiful color and very smooth too. I paid a whopping $1.99 for it- "suckers"!!!! I came home and made the snowman head bowl fillers out of the queen size Warm and Natural my in-laws bought for me for Christmas.

So, when your mind is playing tricks on you (go home or shop, go home or shop)- you should go shop!!! Have a great day, Kim

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My table bench

Look at what my dad made for me!!!! I love this table bench.
Let me tell ya, I gave him the wood and dimensions about 5 months ago. He had already joined the 2 pieces of wood together to make the large board about 5 months ago. I was just waiting on getting some legs on her. She was worth the wait!!

I painted it black, then barn red. I then sanded it well to distress it. I stained the whole thing with Minwax Dark Walnut and wiped it down.

As I was taking the plain wooden piece from my parents house, my mom asks, "I don't get it. What is it for?" I need to show her some blogs- hee hee.

Well, it made me happy. I have this really big dining room table that we inherited when my husband's mom past away 13 years ago. We had to refinish it (it was in dreadful shape, even had silver duct tape around the edges-yuk). Well, it has a drawer that contains the leaves of the table and on that drawer door is a label: this is table number 252 out of 300 and the date is March 1, 1896. WOW!
I love this table and its new addition of the bench. have a great day!! Kim

BTW: the black candle holder with the greenery and oranges was part of a WONDERFUL gift from my buddy Char (thanks again girlie)!!!

My first big project with NO HELP!!!!

Okay, so my hubby bought me a nail gun for Christmas (no not for fingernails or anything girlie like that LOL, but a brad nailer). So I had been thinking about making the bench that Kris had the tutorial on way back in April (

I love those benches and thought I could do it, only because Char and I both made Kris's blanket crane this summer at my house and her directions and pattern were very easy to follow. So I got up the morning after Christmas day and while everyone was still asleep, I went to work in my "shop" aka, the basement. I pulled up Kris's tutorial on my laptop and started sawing and sanding and nailing and painting and sanding and staining and VOILA- I love it!!! I put it at the foot of my bed. I plan on making one a little smaller to place on top of this one, but for now I have some cute decor on it. The picture frame was a tutorial Char had on her site earlier this year too. What goodies you gals put out there for us! If you fancy this type of bench, then definitely check out her tutorial and definitely become a follower of Simply Prim. Enjoy, Kim