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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

no sew curtains for my kitchen

I kept looking at my old (9 year old) lace kitchen curtains and I don't hate them, but I definitely needed a change. I checked out a bunch of blogs and saw that a lot of you make your own from sheets, so I figured "why not?". So, I went to Gabriel Brothers and found a Queen size flat sheet. I brought it home and luckily it still had all of the creases from being folded so nicely in it's little package. Well, all I did was cut out 4 rectangles along those creases. I bought Stitch Witchery and ironed them. I used some green checked homespun for the tiebacks.
I really like how different they make the room feel. I told my older son that they make the kitchen warmer (meaning the atmosphere is cozy). He replied, "Yeah, it isn't as cold in here anymore." hee hee hee- boys, you gotta love em!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My hutch redo- need opinions..

I like my dining room hutch so much better now, but I am not sure what to do with the panels at the bottom. I took out the punched tin and replaced it with the homespun material. I really like it, but does it need more? I stitched 3 little samplers on muslin: faith, hope and love. I was planning on putting those on the panels. They aren't very big, but when I put them on it, I didn't like it. Does it look okay naked?
I love how the red and black turned out. It was really easy to do.  I just got the redware plate from ebay. It came in the mail today. I love it. It is from Ohio. The total cost with shipping was $7.00. You can't beat that! I saw all of the redware and yellow ware on Behind my Red Door blog and love it and decided I had to have a piece myself.
We finally are having  a few sunny days here in PA, so we are back in our pool. Enjoy the picture of my sons and their friend fooling around on the steps. Crazy boys!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Look at what I won!! Fantastic!!

Hi folks,
I have been so busy with picnics and such that I haven't gotten much accomplished lately. I went to GW last night and got a few goodies. So, I will be busy soon enough. Plus, the weather here in PA has been gorgeous lately so I have been swimming and working at our local pool (asst. magr).

Well, onto the goody. I won the wonderful Americana Annie doll from Kim at simple-needs. She is soooooo big and sooooo prim. I love her!! She looks great on the little chair that was a redo from my mom's basement.  Please take time to go over to her blog and check out her other goodies.

Thanks for stopping by. As soon as I can figure out my scanner, I have 2 patterns to share with ya. Have a great summer day, Kim

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anyone out there from Montana???

My hubby and I have seriously been talking about moving to the state of Montana from Pittsburgh PA (quite a move I know). My older son has Seasonal Affective Disorder. Here in PA we only get about 55 days of sunshine a year, so he is incredibly moody (like PMS for boys though). So my question is: Can anyone give me any helpful info about Montana? How is the weather? What is a good part of the state to move?
I am a teacher so finding a job will probably be hard, but he needs a change badly. I have been to Montana twice back in the early 90s. I loved it and would welcome the move. Please help!
Thanks, Kim

wall redo (bowl rack and shelf) :)

Well I haven't posted because I have been busy thrifting and redoing. First, here are the bowls I got at Goodwill for a total of $4.00. I was so excited. I painted, sanded and stained of course. I got the shelf for $3.99. I left the towel holder stained, but painted the rest. I really like how they turned out.

Here is a picture of my dining room wall before the redo:

Here it is after the redo: (My dad made the bowl rack for me from Char's wooden tutorial)

I got the quilted stars in the frames for .99 each. I painted the frames. I got the star tin for .49
Much better don't you think? I am going to paint the hallway and my walls going upstairs and hang all of the photos there. This is now my favorite wall in the house.

Have a great one, Kim

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a few projects and splattered plates

I forgot to mention that Char also sent me these beautiful splattered plates. She knows how much I love the color green and thought of me. I love them. 
I also did 2 new gameboards for my kitchen countertop. I am in the process of begging my dad to make me the bowl rack that Char gave the instructions for. I think the boards will look great displayed in it. I will probably put the splatter plates in the rack also (what do ya think?)

I have a wooden Uncle Sam that I want to give a pattern and instructions for, but I am having trouble with my scanner. As soon as it is working I will share.

Have a great one, Kim