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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Is anyone else out there totally stressed? This morning I woke up with butterflies in my chest. I keep praying, but it hasn't lifted. I teach 2nd grade and it is a full moon right now. A full moon is a hard time to be in a primary classroom- they are nuts!!! Luckily we are off tomorrow for Good Friday. I need the rest. 
Well, I haven't posted for a while, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been crafting. I just finished about 8 prim signs. I brought them with me to school today and I have already sold 3 (just in time to make some extra cash for my boys' easter baskets). I will add the pics of the signs later. I am writing this quickly while they are in art class. Thank God for art, music, gym and computers.
I also had my retired dad put together a wooden project from Char's site "The Pickled Pepper Patch". He made the candle holder. I will paint it tomorrow in my spare time. Did I mention that I work full time, have 2 young sons and am training to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon next month _BUSY!!

I also finished a stitchery for my son's teacher for Easter. It was a sheep with Glory on its blanket. I forgot to take a pic, but it was really cute!

Well, gotta go. I will post pics later. Everyone have a terrific Easter!! 


  1. Well, no wonder you are stressed...... That's a plate full. As someone who very personally knows what happens when you burn the candle at all 16 ends, you HAVE TO take some time for yourself or you will hit the proverbial wall and WON'T get up. And taking some time for yourself does not mean crafting or running. At one time, I had 4 kids under the age of 13 and worked full time and had a husband that worked anywhere from 12 to 16 hour days (high school teacher and coach) and made crafts to sell at craft shows. And it gets worse when the kids are older because they have so much stuff on their plate that you have to drive them to. I did hit the proverbial wall. I still have the full-time job and the husband with the same crazy schedule but now the kids are between 20 and 30 years old. Sorry I rambled but it is something I feel passionate about and in hindsight wish I could have changed (taking care of myself). Take a personal day off when the boys are in school and hubby is at work and treat yourself to a day at the spa or go shopping, go to Barnes and Noble and grab a book or go to a local state park and go for a hike. Okay, now I really am finished rambling.....really.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I will take a personal day soon. That sounds divine!! Thanks!