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Friday, April 10, 2009

My chicken feeder lamp


I made the cute chicken feeder lamp that Char (The Pickled Pepper Patch) gave wonderful instructions for, but I don't have the pip berry candlering. Where would I find one of those? That really dresses it up. If not that, does anyone have other suggestions to use? It makes a nice nightlight for my kitchen. What a cheap project!!

Enjoy your weekend, Kim


  1. Kim, I bought my candle ring at the country shoppe near my home....not sure how much they were...I like the feeder though...I use mine as a nite light in my kitchen too...LOL...I have to say I am glad you posted this....Cuz I was bringing this as a gift on our GNO!!!

  2. Hey girl,
    I would gladly take another one (hee hee) just kidding. I love it. Do you mean the "Country Store" on Broad Ave. in Belle Vernon? I will check it out.