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Monday, June 8, 2009

My swap goodies...

Recently I joined in on Char's "primitive porch" swap. I was partenered with Rene from Two Mile Creek blog. Boy oh boy did I get some "goodies". My absolute favorite is this rag doll and swing. Isn't she adorable and BIG too.

She also made these fantastic wind chimes from a cheese grater and odds and ends of serving trays. I love it. Once my black eyed susans bloom, it will look so cute! It really works well too.

She also made these cute signs and Halloween items for Fall.

She did all of the wire work on this jar herself too. I have it hanging on a hook by my rose bushes. I may keep my pruning shears in it.

I love everything and highly recommend signing up for the swap. It is fun and you get to know someone from blogworld better. Hope you enjoy the day, Kim


  1. Hi Kim YEA!!!! I'm so glad you like the doll..I had such fun making her. I dated her too and signed my R.S.
    Still waiting for the post man today...maybe your will be here yet!! Can't wait!! Hugs Rene

  2. Love your goodies. Aren't these swaps so much fun!! What a clever wind chime idea. I might just have to see what odds and ends I have and make myself one.