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Saturday, June 20, 2009

garbage can (potato bin) redo

Hi guys,

I wanted to show you how to take a potato bin and transform it into a garbage can. My aunt was throwing away this years ago and I snagged it from the trash. All I did was take the entire back panel off. I took a piece of wood (about 5 inches wide) and nailed that going across the top of the back. I use 2 clips to hold the garbage bag to the piece of wood. It works well. I lift the flap in front to put garbage inside. When the bag is full, I take off the 2 clips and pull the bag from behind. It works well. I just painted it black to match my hutch and new countertops. I really like how it turned out. I am going to replace the heart and star with round knobs.

Enjoy your summer, Kim


  1. What a good makes a great trash can!!


  2. I have a smaller potato bin tucked in the shed, what a great idea to make it over.