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Friday, March 13, 2009

Lookie what I won!!!

Hello all and Happy Friday!!! I love Fridays!!

Well on to the good stuff. I won one on the MANY giveaways that Tidymom had posted last week! I am so excited!! I won the 3 McCall's candles from Antique of Not. I chose these scents: "Grandma's Kitchen", "Shortbread" and "Cinnamon". They are so exquisite! They just came this morning. My son already voted that Shortbread is the best. I am favoring the cinnamon. They are all fantastic!!! The site is:

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am leaving in a few hours with my son to go away to a church youth retreat. I am the chaperone for the 11 girls going. I am very excited! Talk later, Kim


  1. Congrats! Your house is going to be smelling good!!!

  2. Yippee!!!...Don't you love giveaways!....wishing you a fun filled weekend!...Hope you got your gas mask & coveralls on....cuz the perfume, hairspray & makeup is going to be flying in your cabin!!!....LOL