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Monday, December 14, 2009

snowman salt dough faces

I tried out Colleen's salt dough recipe from

My son Ethan and I make a batch of it and had some fun being creative on a Friday night. It was so easy to do and they turned out really cute. I had some of my girlfriends over for a Christmas party and they commented on how cute they are too. Since it is so easy to make, I took the flour and salt to my school this past Friday and had my second grade students make ornaments for Christmas. I rolled out the dough and they used cookie cutters. I baked them in the big oven at school. We are going to paint them this week and then they can wrap them up for gifts for their family members.

Go over to Colleen's blog and check it out and see how easy they are to make.
Have a great one, Kim

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  1. These are on my list but doggone it is Christmas ever getting near. I guess these could stay out until Spring, though, right? So I have plennnnty of time. :) So cool that you let the kids at school make ornaments~