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Friday, March 19, 2010

my living room redo


I finally got a new look in my living room. I had a gigantic entertainment center that I had lvoed and adored when we purchased it. It was oak. We bought it at a church that gets rejects from the Levin Furniture Dept. Store. We knew we couldn't afford the $1700.00 price, but the church had it for $200.00. The bridge needed stained and a piece of one of the towers needed reglued, but to save that much money was worth any work. It was huge. It covered the entire wall.Well, as the years went on I got tired of the center, but didn't want to buy something simply because of boredom.

Well, our big tv finally died and most of the newer models need to sit on a stand, so hallelujah I could finally justify getting something new.

Go to my older post to see the other entertainment center.

Here is my new stand, tv and yes, I do have a wall (hee hee). I actually had to get out the paint and paint where the center covered the walls. Oh what fun! Don't mind the glare on the tv.


  1. looks much better without the "BEAST"!!!

  2. Wow! What a difference one piece of furniture can make! I really like it....and I love your dog, Levi he is so adorable!!!!!

  3. I really like the color on your wall. :) And hello fellow Virgo! :) Fun to meet other August 30th gals!

  4. Hi Kimberly
    Nice to see another 'neighbor' and another prim lover here on Blogger - I'm from Pittsburgh.