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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hi, I am Kim and I'm a Goodwill-aholic!!! :)

Okay, I surrender!! I am addicted to Goodwill stores. I stop every chance I can get to check out the "junk" racks. There are awesome treasures out there and I have reaped a "bounty". I was not even 5 minutes from one that is 15 minutes from home. I kept going back and forth in my mind- stop or not, stop or not. I figured I would stop and look for just 10 minutes because I left the boys at home while I went to Walmart to get the oil changed in the car.

Okay, so I am in the store and quickly doing my left to right scan of every piece of junk in there and then I saw it. It was on top of a shelf at the end of an aisle. I was hoping to find a wooden bowl, but this takes the cake. Do you believe the size of this beauty? It is such a beautiful color and very smooth too. I paid a whopping $1.99 for it- "suckers"!!!! I came home and made the snowman head bowl fillers out of the queen size Warm and Natural my in-laws bought for me for Christmas.

So, when your mind is playing tricks on you (go home or shop, go home or shop)- you should go shop!!! Have a great day, Kim


  1. So, should I stand up next and let everyone know my name and that I, too, am a Goodwill Shop-a-holic....nahhhhhh, we won't go that route yet!...hehehehehehehehehe

    love the bowl!

  2. I alway put off the trip to the goodwill store because I never get lucky enough to find that kind of stuff! I love the big bowl!

    Take Care,

  3. Such a great cute. One never passes up even a minute run into GW.

  4. i love it!!! i need to check the GW more often.

  5. I love GW too and that is a wonderful bowl! Your snowman ornies are the perfect filler for it:)

  6. Wooooot Woooooot Awesome GW find !!! We rarely have wooden bowls at ours. The lady from our Prim shop here in town usually snags 'em before I ever get a chance =( Doin' the happy bowl dance for ya ;0)
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  7. My DH and I are both Goodwill-aholics. He even knows what to look for if I'm not in the area so we can split up and cover more ground. I have been in Goodwills in at least 8 states and can proudly say that I have, indeed, garnered more bargains there than any other store-including WalMart or Price Club! I love your wood bowl and your snowman heads. Did I miss the tutorial on how to make them?

  8. Wonderful find! It just makes my heart sing when I find a bargain like that. Love the little bowl ornies too!

  9. Hi KIm, Don't worry about your addiction, I am addicted too. Nice finding, Love how looks your snowman heads.

  10. I need to start checking out GW - not sure where one is in our area - but I know there has to be one! We have a thrift store nearby and I do stop in there occasionally, but I need to go more often as I'm looking for some wooden candlesticks & you never know what treasures you'll find.
    Love your bowl!!

  11. Great Finds!! I addicted to the GW and thrift shops too. Love the snowman head ornies!!
    Somehow I lost you on my blog glad that I found you again. I found some others yesterday. Not sure how it happen, but I'm glad that I'm slowly finding everyone again.

  12. Kim, I'm more of a garage sale-aholic! Great finds!